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Welcome to the English Department Knowledge Base Wiki, a collaborative knowledge archive of the UCSB English Department.

Originally established in 2003, the EDKB collects and makes available the various interests, talents, and resources of the English Department community. In 2007, the EDKB was "wikified," i.e. made available in a more open, collaborative medium, modeled on Wikipedia and powered by MediaWiki software.

Faculty members, graduate students, and department staff can use the wiki to edit and expand the site on their own. Undergraduates, meanwhile, can access material relevant to particular courses and to the general endeavor of majoring in English. It is our hope that the EDKB-Wiki will grow organically, serving the community for years to come.

For more information about the history and development of the EDKB Wiki, visit the About page.

For present and future navigation purposes, please refer to the taskbar on the left-hand side of your browser screen. And, of course, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome: you can reach us at Thanks!


EDKB-Wiki Development Team

First Time Visitors

If you are a first-time visitor, please consult Getting Started: The Basics for tips on how to navigate the site and add/edit content. Once registered on the site, you will be able to read all unrestricted pages. Edit permissions are reserved for members of the UCSB community. If you are seeking edit permissions or have questions regarding access, please email the administrators at


New Job Placement Category

A Job Placement category has been added to collect resources for graduate students on the academic job market.

New Interviews Category

We are pleased to announce a new "Interviews" category under Teaching Resources. Our first addition is an interview with Professor Sheridan Blau on pedagogical strategies for discussion sections.
Prof. Blau

New Interview

Prof. Abbott
Announcing the addition of a multi-part interview with Professor H. Porter Abbott (Emeritus), on teaching and the status of the American university.

New Interview

Also recently added is a video interview with Professor Ken Hiltner on the new undergraduate specialization in Literature and the Environment.
Prof. Hiltner
  • If you would like to schedule an individual or group training session, please contact us at

Create an Article

To get started in adding content to the wiki, first use the search function to ensure that the page you are about to create doesn't already exist. Then type the title of the page in the input box below and hit the "create article" button.

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